The art of Perception – I want you to…

This post might be a bit different from what I wrote up until now. But since I always write all over the place, I guess not. Anyway, this post was inspired by the movie Now you see me 2. Because, I am a huge fan of magic and illusions, also hustling and theft movies/series.

It’s not because I’d be interested in the fact that they’re working against the law (thieves and hustlers) but the sole act of how they do it. I’m not talking about the “guns blazing bank robbery” but the carefully spectated hustle/robbery that ends up just perfectly. I like it mostly because on the biggest part hustlers and magicians use techniques that tangle and twist our perception any way they like.

So yes, you guessed it. Today I will talk about twisting perception.

I always thought it would be great if people would read my posts with Morgan Freeman’s voice in their head. It’s just because I think he has a perfect narrative voice for my topics, especially this one.
I’m writing this with his voice in my head narrating my writing.
So calm, slow yet firm and powerful.

It can be mastered and ruled.
It can be twisted and used.
It can be abused, but never beyond one’s morals.
Hypnotists know and use that. They juggle people between their conscious and subconscious perception in order to get the effect they want.

It’s actually relatively easy to hypnotize someone you just have to know what you’re doing.
You just have to put suggestions into one’s subconscious mind, to make them
Touch their nose
Lick their lips
Dance like a chicken
Or do whatever else you desire them to do.
After all, hypnosis is (roughly) just an act of raising one’s susceptibility to suggestions.
It works on some but not on everyone.

Hustlers play with the emotional perception of their victims.
Magicians focus on attention.
But in the end is all perception.
Just a different use of it.

As a blogger, I think it would be great if manipulation of perception would be easy.
So easy it could be packed into a text of a blog post.
The whole post would be like a séance, where the writer/blogger would tell people
What to do
How to think
How to react
To their blog posts, or simply make them find their posts the best ever.

It would be an interesting experience or maybe some even know how to do it.
After all, humans are emotional creatures.
Our perception is mainly driven by emotions.
And writers can write emotions, so in a way whenever we read a book and feel something.
Our perception is manipulated.
We don’t mind that kind of manipulation.

But what if, writers or bloggers would manipulate us, in a way that benefits them.
It wouldn’t go against out morals because it’s good to support what you like.
It would only go against what we find acceptable on their side.
But the question here is, would we even realize that we’re being manipulated?


P.s.: Don’t ask me why I had to write this up, I just had to. But I promise you that there will actually be a post about perception. I just had to get this one out of the way first.

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54 thoughts on “The art of Perception – I want you to…

  1. I have yet to see that movie but definitely love how they make you see things in a different light. It reminds me how some people see a glass half empty, while others see it half full. Its all in the mind of the person. Its how they perceive things. Being able to persuade some that its the exact opposite now thats easy depending on the person. Great blog post super funny and I tried reading like Morgan Freeman but had instantly forgot how he talked lol.


  2. You very much had Morgan Freeman’s voice in my head! I do agree that perception and persuasion can work really well on some people, well probably most of us without us realising it!


  3. What we know about perception and our ability to change it is rapidly changing due to technological advancements. We can use augmented reality tools to take our perception beyond what we previously thought possible….So look out.

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  4. I was actually thinking of Obi-Wan in Star Wars and Yoda with the Jedi mind trick, LOL! You have a very interesting take on perception. I saw the first Now You See Me movie but not the second. The first was pretty good so I can see where you’re going with this in the context of relating to the movie. If only we bloggers could manipulate our readers to love our blogs and read more. #bloggerclubuk


  5. Now Morgan freeman is reading my comment aloud! Perception is so interesting. You never know how what you do or say will be perceived!


  6. I’ve never seen the movie yet the way you write is interesting. It’s quite different than other post I normally read. The last question “would we even realize that we’re being manipulated?” is a challenge question especially as a reader.

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  7. Perception is a fascinating topic. So much of our behaviours and beliefs follow from and are built on perceptions. That’s a worryingly thin basis but that makes defending it all the more important to those being challenged.

    I’m interested by people who genuinely dislike magic because it involves deception and being made to feel foolish rather than enjoying the craft or being willing to suspend disbelief. Part of the fun can be in working out how it’s done. It’s that conflict between secrets and mystery. People want to know how it’s done but knowing can feel anti-climactic.

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  8. I have not seen the the movie but I am interested in magicians, tricksters, and the like for the same reasons you are. Your post, very poem like was a great read and very interesting.


  9. hahaha you are hilarious. I really read it with Morgan Freeman voice in my head lol. I would not want to be hypnotized because they can tap in years later when something triggers you. Screw that!!!! But I would love to watch someone else do it!!!


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