Monday is canceled, go back to bed!

In case you didn’t get the memo, yesterday we canceled Monday, so this week officially started today.

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Yes of course, what the heck AM I talking about, right?! Well, I decided to cancel Monday and have a day off. It was the ultimate lazy day, so I didn’t even publish a blog post like I normally do. As it goes for a lazy day, I did nothing productive. I stayed in bed wearing pajamas despite my mom’s disapproval and watched Dragon Ball the whole day. It was a nice detox I must say.

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But the point of this post is not to tell you about my child-like decision to watch an anime. (Even though, mind you, it was an awesome decision.) I just wanted to say that we all need days off from time to time.

I usually end up being forced into one, because my brain simply refuses to do anything and I just want to sleep. I should probably start to plan my lazy days and not just bash them into my schedule when my health (physical and mental) is already in the danger zone.

Like mentioned before, we all need lazy days because:

1. It feels good and give you time to do what you love, or do nothing at all

You know how we like to complain that we don’t have time to do what we like? Like, baking, hanging out by ourselves, going to the movies. You can use your lazy day to do what you’ve wanted to do for a long time but never found time or energy to do it.

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Yes, eating all the food available is acceptable too…

2. We all need to recharge our batteries

You know that feeling when you’re so tired and overworked you physically cannot do anything anymore? Well, I do, that’s why taking an ultimate day off is crucial for me. Even though it happens every so often, I usually just sleep in and do things that are not demanding in any way.

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3. It’s good for your health

Nowadays people forget that they need time off, proper food and sleep, so before we know it, we get sick, one way or another. From that perspective, it’s only natural to take it easy from time to time and focus only on yourself.  Yes, toddler mommies and big company bosses, even you need a break and there’s absolutely no need to feel guilty about it.

We covered the WHY?, now we have to cover the HOW?.  Well if you’re asking me how to spend your day off, I can’t answer that. We all have things that we like to do or want to do. So just do whatever feels right, or do nothing at all.

Taking time off is actually extremely easy, you just have to decide for ONE SINGLE DAY that you’re at the top of your priority list. So just cancel everything possible and kick your feet up.

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Now onto the WHAT IF. Dear people, there is NO “what if” for a lazy day! You need it so take it. There’s no need to feel guilty about it. It’s just one day. The planet won’t explode because of it and even if it does…Well, there will be no one to blame you for it…

T-Mobile Puerto Rico pop explode

I noticed a lot of new moms and students and other people pondering about their lazy days and feeling aimlessly guilty because they took a day for themselves. Dear people, we are not robots. You have no idea how many everyday troubles wouldn’t even begin to exist if people would not worry so much and take it easy.

I’ve stayed up nights with people who were crazy troubled and some even suicidal just because they didn’t “find the time” for themselves. It’s not about finding the time for your day off. You have to take it before it’s too late.

So please take my advice and occasionally cancel a day.  At least once a month just send everyone out of the house or hide somewhere where you can be alone and be LAZY.

Because right after that lazy day, you’ll have to go back to work.

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34 thoughts on “Monday is canceled, go back to bed!

  1. I definitely think we should all have those “canceled” days and take time off for ourselves. I love how you did what was healthy for you (even if people didn’t approve).

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  2. I have certainly needed to take a day off from time to time. We do need to recharge our batteries and not worry about things. Thank you for the reminder.


  3. I admit to feeling guilty when I give myself some “me” time. Of course even then I end up doing loads of laundry and baking all day while I allow my kids to decompress watching movies. We are a very active family and always on the go from me having two jobs and three kids, two dogs and a cat. Yes, I feel like I am always tired LOL so when I am not on the go it does feel nice to actually do “nothing”.


  4. I’ve been feeling that urge to hide someplace and jus be lazy for an entire day or two. But it’s almost impossible with a toddler in arm:)… Like reading your straightforward posts!


  5. Lazy days, or pajama days as my old roommate used to call them, are what literally got me through grad school. I wouldn’t ever skip class, but to take a break over the weekend to sit around and do nothing school-related helped me so much. I would have burnt out otherwise!


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  6. Watch one piece. An anime with a story more complex and with more depth than any novel or movie.
    _Hahaha loved this post. We should all unwind once in a while. Our job is simply a part of our life. It does not define who we are. We should learn to enjoy life for we only live it once.


  7. Such a beautiful post and this is something many of us could relate. I work from home, yet Monday is something that I would love to cancel most of the time, but once I get started I know I have to deal with it someway or other. I do cancel a week day at times to make sure I need the much needed rest for my body!

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  8. We all need a day where we can just relax and sometimes the weekend doesn’t cut it! It’s perfectly fine to have days off like this so long as it doesn’t become a regular thing.


  9. So true, everyone needs to cancel their plans and take some time out every now and again. We all think that going until we can’t go anymore is the epitome of success but the truth is I honestly think you are more productive when you have some time to yourself every now and again


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