5 Things I learned in my first year of blogging

Okay, so yesterday was my blog’s first birthday! I can hardly believe that I managed to stick with it for so long. But before we go on with that, I’d like to also inform you that yesterday a pretty dope thing was launched.

John Sennett (whose interview you can see here), launched a new twitter chat “Speak Up Together”, that will be hosted on @bloggers_unity under the hashtag #blogsunite. First chat focused on ‘working together and blog collaborations’, stay tuned on John’s twitter for further topics!


Now onto my post. As a blogger, I learned a lot of stuff. Most of them I never planned to even start learning, so it’s a great thing that I got into blogging. However leaving the technical stuff behind, I’ll share more personal aspects of my journey. So here are things I learned as a blogger.

1) I have no squad

You know how people say that you need a squad, as in having friends and people that support you. Well, I don’t have that, not with blogging not in life. Okay not to be rude, there are some amazing souls on twitter who are sweet to the core and occasionally remember that I exist and talk to me. As for my life…. I have a friend who doesn’t seem to want to hang out with me at all… so yeah… go me!

Rezultat iskanja slik za you don't belong here gif

2) My people skills are nonexistent

I somehow manage to make a good first impression and after that throw it out of the window. I’m unable to connect to people beyond that “first impression”. It’s like I puff out of existence. Basically, I’m a person that’s easy to forget unless I put a crazy amount of work into maintaining the relationship. And I mostly can’t be bothered to always re-connect first, so all my attempts get busted shortly.

Rezultat iskanja slik za basically I'm screwed gif

3) Professionalism, what is that??

I’m a goof with a personality of a mad scientist. I cannot be serious, no matter the topic. I always find a way to turn and twist everything and make a funny or a sarcastic remark.

Rezultat iskanja slik za suits gif

4) Sticking to one thing is impossible

I knew this one before, but it only became more obvious to me. I can’t stick to one thing. Even now that I’m writing this post, I’m also talking to my classmate on the phone and working on my assignment. If I try to focus on one thing, my mind will go into an overdrive and I’ll start thinking something random and eventually get nothing done…

Povezana slika

5) I still have no idea what I’m doing

Yes after one year of blogging when people act like they are total blogging pros, I can only say that I still have no idea what I’m doing. Not only that I don’t have a niche or people to connect with on blogging matters, I also don’t know how to get people to connect with my posts or how to get readers, so I’m just floating in this incredible ocean of “What the hell is going on?”.

Rezultat iskanja slik za i have no idea what i'm doing gif

Yeah, I’ll stop my ranting here and let you go do your own thing. Do comment your tips and advice if you have any.

Also, be my friend? Maybe??

24 thoughts on “5 Things I learned in my first year of blogging

  1. Bit late to the party, but I just wanted to say that I think your blog is great and you should really have some more confidence in yourself! I know it’s easy to say but not so easy to put into practice, but honestly you’re doing great! xx


  2. It’s so refreshing to hear these thoughts spoken aloud….I thought I was the only one with awkward social skills…I do interact and make friends but can’t play along the socially active game…N so agree with the tribe thing…Wonderful read yet again:)

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    1. Well I did notice bloggers go to “word wars” because of some silly reason, blocking eachother on twitter, bashing eachother. But I guess that’s normal since we’re all just human lol

      Anyway, have fun blogging and just do what feels right. And always feel free to contact other bloggers if you need help XD


  3. You sound a bit like me – not being able to stick to anything. One of my blogs has ‘incomplete quitter’ in the name because I always used to try new hobbies and quit them after a short period of time.

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    1. It’s so annoying sometimes cause I can’t stick to anything. I literally try things out just to “figure them out” and get bored of them after a week or so…


  4. Happy blogiversary!
    I don’t feel like someone who can advice you, because I’m blogging for less then a year.
    I don’t think I am in any squad, but I do read some bloggers or regular basis and vice versa, and also chat with them on twitter.
    Anyway, I feel like you’re more succesful then me, so I should ask you for advice!

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  5. This post is so relatable! Thank you for making it. My advice would be to have plenty or at least some photos in your blog as it can get quite “heavy” (in my opinion) if it’s all text.

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  6. Loved this post- made me laugh quite the bit as it’s so relatable! Agree with having absolutely no people skills- I’m incredibly shy, and people seem to think I’m stuck up, rude and awkward😂

    Gabija | everylittlethingblog.weebly.com

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    1. Haha. Well I’m not shy at all… People just don’t like me because I’m too blunt and direct…. Also in some cases they just don’t notice me… it’s weird XD


  7. Happy first birthday to your blog! I hope you find a great blogger squad to roll with — that chat you mentioned sounds so neat! And about first impressions: mad scientists are tons of fun!!



  8. Wouh! This is so relatable 🙂 No. 5 touched soul, one year down the line and I still have no idea what I’m doing lol. Happy one year blog anniversary xo

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  9. Im with on the friendship part,i find it difficult to not come across as awkward.Sometimes people just dont get me if that makes sense,i also feel like i dont know what im doing,Ha!Happy first blog birthday btw xx


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