VIP Interview #2 : Jemma Morgan

It’s Thursday and that means another interview! (I wonder how long will I be able to keep this up…)

Anyway, this time, I interviewed Jemma, more commonly known as Dorkface, the founder of The Girl Gang community.

Q: As a founder of #TheGirlGang can you share how did you come up with the idea? And what convinced you into making it “go live”?  

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I just wanted to inject a little positivity into the blogging community and make a sort of gang that people could go to for bursts of support if needed 🙂

Q: What is the Girl Gang community about? 

Its all about spreading positivity when we can, supportive people who deserve it, and basically having a bit of fun!

Q: When you first started The Girl Gang, did it become the “big hit” right away or is there a lot of hard work behind the scenes of its success? 

Admittedly, it blew up overnight! I genuinely couldn’t keep up with it. But that actually made it harder! I have had to work so so hard all the time to build up this community. Whether its weekly chats organising an event, getting in touch with brands, keeping a monthly newsletter going, creating movie nights and building up a twitter account. It’s constant work but I love it.

Q: Would you say you’re proud of the community? 

Definitely! It’s a privilege to be part of it.

Q: What would you mark as the best thing that happened in the community and what was the worst thing that happened? (we all know there are good and bad sides to everything) 

For me, the best thing has been creating the girl gang. The worst? ….. I don’t know. Just in general when people argue? But that’s always going to happen, it’s natural.

Q: Is there anything special planned for the future of The Girl Gang?

YES! I can’t reveal though yet sorry haha. But it will continue to grow.

Q: Is there anything you want to add? 

I absolutely TREASURE every single member of the girl gang, you inspire me and keep me going! Remember, when life feels a little harder than usual, we’re all here 🙂

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And here you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading the interview if you want to be interviewed or you know anyone that you find interesting and you want me to interview him/her, click on the button below to find out all you need to know!

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5 thoughts on “VIP Interview #2 : Jemma Morgan

  1. Love this interview and the whole concept of interviewing different people. I’ve seen how big #thegirlgang is and it’s so clear that Jemma works her socks off to ensure its a success, great post and thank you for sharing! Xx

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