Weekend recap; Level: education fair/exposition

Besides my all-time busy schedule, I added an extra activity last weekend. I went on an Education fair as a presenter of my college. First let me tell you about that fair thingy.  First time I heard about the fair was a week before they asked me to go there, even though this was the eight time it was organized. Every year the exposition lasts for two days, Friday and Saturday.

The basic idea of the fair if for schools (secondary schools, high schools, colleges and universities) to present themselves in the best way they possibly can inside their assigned 2m2 cubicle, to the potential students. So yeah, there are people doing their best to present their institution and people who are trying to figure out that they want to do with their life and therefore pick a suitable education.

First day, I went there with my good friend and a classmate. A college clerk went with us, to ensure that we position everything right and do our job as we should. But luckily she’s a really nice lady, so she only made everything easier for us. On the second day I went with some other student and I have to say she wasn’t exactly reliable.WP_20160122_14_29_02_Pro

Anyway! Friday was great, people were nice and everything went smoothly.
In the morning when all three of us arrived to the place of the fair, we first set up and decorated our cubicle. We did the best we could to make it look appealing. And what else could make it attractive than a bowl full of candy! Of course there were other stuff too.


Right when we set up everything, people started to come into the hall where the whole event was happening. There was a lot of kids, because schools mostly organize the visit of the fair as a school trip. The trip is mostly those who are in the last year of elementary school, or last year of secondary education, so they don’t have to look through hundreds of pages on the internet. Instead, kids can see their possible future education institution in action. I think the best thing about the fair is that people can talk to students without them being supervised and be forced to bite their tongues on possible downsides of the presented institution. Also it’s a great chance to exchange information and insights among the presenters (aka students with different education).  WP_20160122_14_36_40_Pro.jpg

It was fun telling kids about my college, but it was also fun to occasionally take a stroll through the fair and see what people at other cubicles are doing. Especially when my friend and I both left, because the lady with us kept telling us to go look around. We also took a lunch break. In case you’re interested we had kebab. I’d give you a picture of it, but I remembered about taking a picture of my food, after I already ate it. So. You’re spared from my continued fail to take a good picture of food (for any post). Of course once we got back we let the clerk lady to go have a lunch too. After all no one should stay with no food for whole day.

When the day slowly turned towards the evening we took one last stroll and even received some gifts, like lollipop, candy, a stress ball and this awesome pen with a ball thingy at its end. You boop it and it glows! Look!


Let’s move on to the second day. There wasn’t much fun and games, because the girl who was with me disappeared for “a while” and I was stranded alone in a cubicle for nearly whole day. I haven’t had the chance to go eat. So you can imagine why I’d be cranky. Also it was way busier than the day before so she was really needed there.

But overall it was a fun experience and I’m not here to pout about how someone left me alone with a bunch of kids.

So yeah in short that was my weekend. If you want to know about my Sunday, too, well. There’s nothing much to tell… It was just a regular day. Nothing shocking. I made lunch and argued with my aunt, who came to visit, about how I don’t want to use make up.

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