7 Tips to have infinite blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers


Today I’ll be sharing my spy-like tips on how I manage to never run out of blog post ideas. Seriously besides this one I have 70 other posts planned and tomorrow that number will most likely be even higher, not that I brag or anything. But to be honest, having too many ideas can be just as dreading as having too little I never know what idea I want to use!!

Okay, okay, I’ll stop boring you with my life problems and actually give you some tips.

1.Write it down

Because no, you will not remember it in the morning! You know those 3AM bursts of motivation powered by the lack of sleep when you have a gazillion ideas of what you can write but you can’t be bothered to write them down… Well absolutely do write those down no matter what. Even if later on you won’t have a clue what you wanted to write about. One day you’ll bloody need that messy bundle of idea-like things.

Rezultat iskanja slik za make a list gif

Also, it’s always a good idea to write down every idea you ever have, no matter how stupid it might sound, because that idea might as well save your arse when you have nothing else to write about. ANYTHING is better than nothing.

2. Abuse trending hashtags or whatever else people are talking about

Ahem… Did I say abuse? Well, maybe not abuse, but definitely do USE them. This is basically the easiest way to get ideas from OTHER people. Just stalk a trending hashtag on twitter or check out a random debate on a forum. People talk and you can too… On your blog of course. Also, it’s usually a good idea to use events or holidays as an idea maker. Who wouldn’t want to hear a completely ridiculous Halloween story, of a failed confession for Valentine’s day?! People dig that kind of stuff so use them…. Wisely… or not, however, you prefer.

3. Ask a kid for help

Yes, I am serious. Ask a kid most of them have a great imagination. You’re a lifestyle blogger, of course, you can write about dragons…

Rezultat iskanja slik za dragons gif

I mean, use their imagination with your own interpretation.

4. Write a rant just for the heck of it

Did some asswipe just mess up your Cappuccino? Why not complain about it?

Okay, maybe not complain about your Cappuccino. But seriously rants are fun to read and ranting is good for your soul. Do it!

5. Borrow ideas from other bloggers

I think that one is self-explanatory. However, when you do borrow ideas, make sure that you won’t steal the post! You can only take the idea, a title maybe, everything else is up to you.

Rezultat iskanja slik za I don't have to write it down i'll remember that gif

6. Make a list of….

Songs that you listen to while you’re cleaning your room. Because why not? Making list is the simplest way to throw together a post. You just have to look around you and type up few points about whatever thing that seems interesting.

Rezultat iskanja slik za make a list gif

7. When everything else fails, hijack a tag, or do a Q/A post

There are billions of tag posts out there. And even if no one tagged you, you can still use the tag post to your own advantage. I mean no one said that you shouldn’t write it just because you weren’t tagged. No one really cares if you were tagged of not, in the first place, just make sure you dig up something interesting.

Or of course, launch up a post where you answer random questions from random people, just because you’re cool like that.

As a lifestyle blogger you can write about anything, after all, it is YOUR lifestyle you’re talking about. Just have fun from time to time and do something out of the ordinary, don’t just stick to your routine posts.

72 thoughts on “7 Tips to have infinite blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

  1. Every single time I lay down to sleep, I get an idea: “I’ll remember it first thing in the morning.” – I never do. And I’m too lazy to get up haha
    Lists and tags are endless amount of ideas and I love them!
    great and useful tips 😀

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  2. Indeed! Very useful ideas. You can grab ideas from other bloggers but yes, don’t grab their contents, too. Especially if you know that their lifestyle isnt your lifestyle. And btw, I love your GIF’s here. Great post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These tips made me giggle. The photos following the posts were so on point. But yes, these were all awesome tips that I am sure to use. I never thought to hijack a tagging post. I see them all the time and always think, darn I want to chime in too!!

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  4. Seriously, #1 is something I really need to do! I have had so many good ideas that I’m really excited about and they get forgotten before I can actually do it. I have started to keep a running list in my day planner!

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  5. Very useful ideas and yes write it down. I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve thought were great and couldn’t remember them later. I tend to have 3 or 4 posts scheduled so I can take my time to come up with new content. I am a black travel writer living in south Korea… there is no shortage of things to write about.


    1. Ha that’s awesome, I lately just write as I go (I gotta say it’s not the best idea ever but I can’t help it), I wish I could go back to when I could bulk write my posts but It’s just not happening.


  6. I love these ideas! When I’m in doubt, I either share a picture post. Or I do a rant, because trust me, a lot annoys me these days 😉


  7. Lots of great ways to get out of a rut and create some content! I need to start writing down my ideas as they come as I’ve come up with some great ideas that, when I sat down later on to write about, missed some good details! Will definitely be doing more of these!

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  8. Very useful suggestions!. At Honey and Fox, we find that the Evernote app is helpful when it comes to jotting an idea down quickly. And ranting always gets the juices flowing. We just wish we would remember to record our rants, they provide great fodder for content and engagement. Heck, we had to dedicate a whole category to the topic, titled “Aww Hell Nah” because we can’t help ourselves.



  9. Sometimes, it’s tough to come up with posts since you’ve pretty much talked about everything. These are great ideas! Bloggers will definitely find this useful!


  10. So true, Annie
    Number one is one I always practice.
    I am always jotting down ideas at random moments, then I fix it together in little or no time!


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